St. Petersburg Live Tours

Online Interactive City Tour in Real-Time with a Private Local Tour Guide in St. Petersburg (Russia)

The Tour

We have developed this online real-time tour taking together our experience and world’s top technologies to make it possible to visit St. Petersburg without leaving the house from anywhere in the world.

Small Groups or Private

To give every participant the opportunity to communicate with the guide we limit our groups to 8 persons maximum. There is also an option to book a private online tour.

Full HD Quality

We have built up our own media server to make Full HD in real time possible. We say "no" to YouTube latency and Zoom low-quality video.


You can actively participate in the most natural way: your voice. Feel free to ask your guide questions like as you were on a regular tour.

The Landmarks

During our 90 mins walk we will see & talk about 10+ St. Petersburg most famous landmarks in the historical centre of the city. 

Winter Palace

Winter Palace

Winter Palace is an architectural masterpiece that served as residence for Russian Emperors for many years. It now hosts one of the greatest museums of the world – the Hermitage Museum.

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

Saint Isaac's Cathedral

This monumental building is the biggest cathedral in St.Petersburg and also one of the biggest Cathedrals in the world. Its monolith malachite columns each 17 meters high and around 150 tons weight.

Neva Embankment

Neva Embankment

St.Petersburg is often called ‘The Russian Venice’ as it is located on 94 rivers and canals. Neva River is the dominating water artery of the city and there are 5 bridges on it that are being drawn every night throughout the navigation period.

Palace Square

Palace Square

We bet that the view on the main city square is going to take your breath away. This colossal square (60 thousand square meters) is the regular place to host the most splendid city events and concerts.

Statue of Peter the Great

Statue of Peter the Great

The statue of the founder of St.Petersburg, the first Russian emperor Peter the Great. Russians call this monument The Bronze Horseman. (By the way, it inspired our company’s logo!)

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

And the last but not the least: the most popular city attraction according to the TripAdvisor reviews. The intricate beauty of the building slightly resembles St.Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow and its history is absolutely fascinating!

+ Kazan Cathedral, Singer House, Admiralty and Nevsky Avenue

The Guide

Nadiss Guide

Saint-Petersburg is my hometown. What I like most in the city is it’s architectural diversity. It shows us tastes of the monarchs, fashion of different periods.

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"If you're thinking about visiting Moscow or St. Petersburg either in person or virtually, I highly recommend you take one of their tours."
Anthony Joh (Canada)

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Price per Tour

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Can I join the tour on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use any device with supported browsers to join the tour. Although we recommend to choose the one that has better screen resolution to enjoy Full HD video quality.  

What is the Internet connection speed requirement?

To  have a smooth and pleasant experience you should have at least 5 Mbs downloading speed.

What are the Supported Browsers?

We have successfully tested our online tour with Google Chrome, Opera, MS Edge and Safari. Firefox is supported, but not optimized. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not supported.

We are a couple, should we purchase 2 tickets or one?

You can buy 1 ticket and invite other people to watch the tour from your screen, but only 1 person will be participating via voice.